Our Projects


Delta Awards Projects (DAP), a brainchild of Mega Impact Foundation, it is a capacity development and education platform that is geared towards celebrating exceptional people who are in one way or the other contributing to grass root development in their own way. The project is also aimed at re orientating people on the need to imbibe the act of kindness.

Under DAP, we initiated the Delta Girl of the Year Award which is a CSO-public driven initiative to support under resourced girls to stay in school; as a research based organization, through working with girls over the years we have observed that a lot of girls from underserved communities end up dropping out from school and becoming pregnant or getting involved in various negative vices in a bid to “survive” that is why we came up with this initiative to support vulnerable girls in their education as well as capacity building to enable them acquire skills to become empowered and self-sustained.


A project which incorporates cleaning communities,waste recycling and up-cycling,renewable energy production et.c all geared towards bringing healing to the earth.


This project targets adolescent girls, to sensitize them on issues affecting the girl child such as Sexual Reproductive Health, Child trafficking, Drug abuse, female genital mutilation, sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy , hygiene and wellness practices.
It involves series of workshops, one-on-one, group sessions and town hall sessions as well as “You Need to know“. Our goal is to mentor and groom young girls to become confident and inspired women. It is also a platform to give them psycho-social support as well as skill acquisition for livelihood sustenance.


Our Meet, Share and Learn platform is a carefully designed support plan to provide individuals/victims of all forms of abuse, personal support to overcome the psychological, emotional and physical abusive situation that they have faced or facing. It’s an event where we bring people together to share their experiences on issues as it affects them in hope of helping others in similar situations find practical solutions.
It engages participants through a symposium that allows them share their experiences, talk to professionals and meet with other people who share similar stories in hope of learning from each other’s experiences. This platform sees to the psychological and mental well-being of participants which is an area that is mostly overlooked in this part of the clime.
It is also an avenue where we engage participants in capacity building through trainings on how to make extra income by developing their entrepreneurial abilities.


It is geared towards grooming young people to become visionary leaders of the future thereby securing the future of Africa.
Through Our School of Life initiative, we teach them skills as well as imbibe leadership qualities to prepare young people for the next phase of their life. It is a school to school outreach exercise where our team and facilitators go to secondary schools and institutions of higher learning to engage young people on different issues as it affects their mental and psychological development.