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Adopt A Tree Campaign is designed to mobilize every young person in Delta State to plant and nurture a tree, the idea is to bring together young people. businesses, and other stakeholders through our Local Community Volunteering Program that not only offer educational experiences about trees and nature but an opportunity to do something positive for the environment in an open, friendly ambience.

According to a study, an effective strategy to assist in meeting the UN SDG’s goals is to plant and protect trees, especially in cities where the majority of people live. Trees promote health and social well-being by removing air pollution, reducing stress, encouraging physical activity, and promoting social ties and community. While cities are getting hotter, trees can reduce urban temperatures. Trees are valuable green infrastructure to manage storm water; investing in trees is an investment in meeting the UN SDG, and ultimately an investment for a better world.

Adopt A Tree is an opportunity to take part in a fun and educational initiative, working together to create the Delta of our dream. its for us make a connection with our local community and gain practical, hands-on experience of tree planting and maintenance.

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