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Mega Impact Foundation is a registered Non Profit and Non-Governmental organization in Nigeria (CAC20517) with the sole aim of using gender-driven initiatives to make sure that every Nigerian girl and young woman is duly informed about their rights to living a healthy reproductive lifestyle. The Foundation was conceived and birthed on the 26th of July, 2014 in South Africa but was registered and began its operation in Nigeria on the 18th of November, 2016.

The foundation was born out of the need to properly re-orientate the mind-set of girls and young women in Africa through training for skill acquisition, mentoring, empowerment and employment opportunities. We are also a research-focused, environmental conservation and systemic human capital development foundation. We are dedicated to providing adequate and effective thoroughly researched solutions to humanistic issues and we are also impelled to always create environmental friendly initiatives to tackle climate change challenges.

The reason why Mega Impact Foundation is undertaking the advocacy for equal rights for women and girls in the society is to create a platform where the challenges of reproductive health and financial freedom for women in the society can be effectively managed in a male dominated industry. We will continuously conceptualize advocacy ideas to encourage women to believe in themselves and actively pursue an interest in their choice of life endeavors.

Mission Statement

Mega Impact Foundation’s mission is to continuously use local initiatives to achieve global impact.

Vision Statement

To become the most simplified and accessible NGO in Sexual and Reproductive health, Entrepreneurial Development/ Funding and Mentorship for girls and young women in Nigeria by 2025.

Our Core Values

  • People
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Time


Mega Impact Foundation Learning Hub is a skill acquisition center that has been designed to provide world-class training and workshop with the primary aim of nurturing a pool of creative human capital through equipping them with up-to-date entrepreneurship skills which forms the backbone of Nigeria’s economy whilst facilitating start-ups through training/mentorship in hope of promoting of Nigerian youths abilities to compete in the world markets.
MEGAHUB is a futuristic, technology-driven training and mentorship program that will bring together some of the best professionals in Small and Medium Enterprise development and management, branding, Marketing and PR in the creative industry to train and mentor over 50,000 youths across Africa by 2025

Key achievements so far:

Since Mega Impact Foundation began its operations in 2016, we have been able change the lives of your girls concerning their body/ sexual reproductive health and domestic violence through series of awareness, sensitization and enlightenment campaigns held at various Girls Secondary Schools in Asaba, Delta state. Our organization has partnered with several NGO’s, CSO’s and Government agencies in creating workshops, brainstorming sessions and came up with white papers on how to tackle the multi-faceted negative resultant effect of the lack of proper information and knowledge as regards body, sexual and reproductive health of women and girls.

Activated Projects

# Event Date Venue
1 Project Goodwill- Feeding scheme for the homeless 20th July 2017 Durban Central South beach,South Africa
2 Project Good will - Haven of hope visit June 2016 Durban Central South Africa
3 Project Goodwill - The nest shelter visit 2017 South beach Durban south Africa
4 Project Goodwill - Siyakha Soccer league sensitization/donations September 24th 2016 Hammersdale Durban South Africa
5 Project school of life - Entrepreneurship/Career guide workshop 7th march 2018 Demonstration Secondary School Asaba, Delta State
6 Project school of life - Leadership Academy workshop 21st march 2018 Demonstration Secondary School Asaba, Delta State
7 Project School of life - Career guide workshop Glenridge High School Durban South Africa
8 Project School of life - Entrepreneurship/Career guide workshop November 2017 Government Model secondary School GRA Asaba, delta State.
9 Project School of life – Drug Abuse Campaign June 5th 2018 Ogwashuku Olloh Secondary School
10 Project School of life - Leadership Academy workshop 11th February 2018 Osadenis Secondary School
11 Project School of life - Entrepreneurship/Career guide workshop November 2017 SS Peter and Mary juniorette Asaba
12 Project School of life - Leadership Academy workshop 24th January 2018 Zappa Basic Secondary School,Umuagu Quarters Asaba
13 Smile initiative – Outreach for orphans 22nd December 2018 Pro Laborei dei Orphanage Asaba
14 Smile initiative – Outreach for orphans 25th February 2019 Pro Laborei dei Orphanage Ibusa
15 Corpers (NYSC) Entrepreneurship Sensitization 22nd March 2018 Oshimili South Local government Council
16 Back to school initiative March 30th 2018 Okwe Primary School
17 Children’s Day Campaign 27th May 2018 Online twitter conversation
18 Entrepreneurship initiative – Entrepreneurship development /Export workshop 27th June 2018 Ogwash-Uku Polytechnic
19 Entrepreneurship initiative - Entrepreneurship development /Export workshop 28th June 2018 Ozoro Polytechnic
20 Girls initiative – Menstrual Hygiene/Reproductive Health workshop 23rd January 2018 Anglican girls Grammar School, Asaba
21 Girls initiative - Menstrual Hygiene/Reproductive Health workshop 11th of October 2019( International day of the girl child) Okpanam high school Oshimili North
22 Girls initiative- Menstrual Hygiene/Reproductive Health workshop 24th February 2018 SS Peter and Mary Juniorette
23 Teen but smart Initiative - Menstrual Hygiene/Reproductive Health workshop 20th June 2020 Amanchai Quarters Ugbolu
24 Meet, share and learn experience Rural women 1.0 12th June 2020 St peter and paul Catholic church, Ugbolu, Delta State

Partners & Donors